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Jarad Vary US
Head of Research, ManagerMatch
Institutional Investor LLC
T: +1 212 224 3680
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Michael Galleshaw US
Senior Research Analyst, ManagerMatch
Institutional Investor LLC
T: +1 212 224 3632
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ManagerMatch is an efficient and time-saving solution to the challenge facing Institutional Investors of building a short-list of suitable managers, and putting managers in touch with real money.

Our experienced team has run over 300 searches, worth 30 billion USD across 14 asset classes.

As part of Institutional Investor, our global network of leading investors and managers put us in a unique position to source talent and insight:

  • We can attract managers that investors may not have found otherwise;
  • provide investors with manager selection insights from 4,000 senior decision-makers – all members of our private investor network; and
  • put managers in front of some of the world’s leading institutional investors

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We work with you to define your requirements precisely; and won’t waste time showing you unsuitable managers. Throughout our search process, you remain anonymous, so you’ll not be hassled by sales calls from managers. We provide you with a full due diligence record and a detailed report making it easy to compare and contrast managers’ responses.

We show you real money – not fishing expeditions. Searches are sourced globally and are exclusive to Institutional Investor.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you find investment talent that matches your needs, please contact one of our team.